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New meets old

When a smart phone and a kaleidoscope collide, it's peanut butter and jelly, dark chocolate and oranges, rainbows and unicorns. In other words, it is pure magic.

Welcome to Smart Toy Revolution – your one-stop shop for one of the most unique kaleidoscopes ever made. Horizon Expander offers an exciting and innovative viewing experience.

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A Mesmerizing Experience

Unlike traditional kaleidoscopes, the patented Horizon Expander offers a completely unique and mesmerizing visual experience. With its advanced use of technology, you can create stunning and endlessly fascinating kaleidoscopic patterns that are sure to captivate your imagination. With the use of a secondary phone mounting device you are able to record the spectacular imagery the you've created.

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Create Stunning Content

With the use of an added smart phone holder on the viewing end of the kaleidoscope you are able record the amazing images projected through the kaleidoscope body. Plug the recording phone into a computer, projector or display monitor and endless astonishing content is your. Enjoy!


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